Hello again:

Thanks for visititng this site . As many of you know I had been working for the cruise ships and about a year ago I decided to settle down in Paris . A lot has happened since I last posted here and I have lost some dear musical friends who have died along the way .Friends like John Stubblefield , Bruce Arkin , and most recently George Mesterhazy . All great, great musicians and friends who i have had he pleasure to know and play with . So with that said it's great to be alive and playing.

As you probably know the Music store doesn't exist anymore and i have offered free downloads of my music on http://soundcloud.com/michaelgrossmanmusic.

Find it ,download ,and listen. I still teach a bit and you can contact me about that if your in or around Paris . And I will be updating the Workshop/Taller section with new excercises that hopefully will take the mystery out of improvisation and challenge your technique.

I just want to let you know that I will be playing a at the Musée -atelier ADZAK 3 RUE JONQUOY 75014 PARIS Thursday June 21 at 20h30w for the Fête de la Musique,

This is the studio where the artist- sculpture ROY ADZAK lived and who did the cover photos for the Rolling Stone`s Emotional Rescue album. .

am really looking forward to playing in this unique and singular environment and hope you can come . Wishing you